My Problem With Smartwatches

I got an Apple Watch to monitor my health; notifications got in the way.

I’ve had an Apple Watch for a little while now. I got it mostly to help me monitor my health and send some of that information to my medical aid as part of their rewards program. The more I move, the more points I get, the more benefits I enjoy.

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ESH Canberra 2019

The Evidence Synthesis Hackathon is an event created to support the growth of new ideas, software and collaboration for improved evidence synthesis. The first event was held in 2018 in Stockholm Sweden and this year it was held in Canberra Australia.

Evidence synthesis is the process of converting scientific outputs – such as articles, reports and data – into reliable and digestible evidence that can inform management and policy.
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Google “Free”

I have long been an advocate of Google, all their services “just work”. They sync up wonderfully, they’re available everywhere and best of all, it’s free!

The question, however, is, “Is using Google really free?” No, you are either buying a product or you are the product being sold. Google is not making millions on thin air, on free email clients, on free calendars, on free document services. No, they make money quite obviously on your data. Some people don’t mind the trade-off, some people do. Recently I became the part of the people that do.

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